A wonderful day that the Lord had made for us to Rejoice and be Glad in it. We were Over the Moon as the Grand Hall we used is the same room where a week ago Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth had lunch with the Leicester Community leaders.
We had fun, fun, fun and FUN.
Red Cross Leicester thank you for Gracing us with your presence.
Thank you to all who made it possible for this day to be joyous.
A Massive THANK YOU to the organisers, cooks, the chef, MC of the day, Security, dancers/entertainers, speakers and most of all to EVERYONE who was present.
Not forgetting the best Eaters. WE LOVE YOU!!!!!!!
Watch out for the next event!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Below  are some photos of the event.

Cooks working hard under the direction of our chef, Linton


Ozzo pasta for Italian Flavors


The food let everybody speechless ! Too busy eating these amazing food




peopl25Chef Linton IMG_0018

Decoration was stunning and stylish … Ready for our guests

_17A3264Donald, our security guard … donaldand praying the Lord and saying thanks for our food. IMG_0017

DJs and Dancers..dancing2dance1groupPhotoJoelpeopl34peopl36

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