ZAS LEICESTER AGM held on the 4th August 2017 at the Secular Society.
We had a successful 2nd  ZAS AGM, Everyone happy with the way the organisation is moving. Four fundamental elements were demonstrated:

(i) transparency,


(iii)good leadership and

(iv) commitment

Let me take this opportunity to thank and air our appreciation to all organisations that we are in partnership with, we value your support and help. ZA, Red cross Leicester,LCOS,Quakers,TREC,LCRM,NHS,VAL Secular society. Most importantly members you are so Amazing and Wonderful and without you there is no organisation. Together we are strong as a community. GOD BLESS

On behalf of the executive commitee,

Christina Ndlovu, ZAS chair


_17A6631_17A6634ZAS executive commitee members

_17A6607The Revd Pete Hobson, Chair of Leicester City of Sanctuary  talked about creating a culture of Welcome for foreigners in Britain.

_17A6611Mr Andrew Nyamayaro, from Tann Law Solicitors offered updates on immigration and asylum policies.




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