The Zimbabwe Action in Solidarity (ZAS) Leicester Drop-in Centre  alleviates the isolation that is experienced by refugees and asylum seekers from many different countries.

The Drop-in Centre is a fortnightly service which provides support and a traditional hot meal.

We help refugees and asylum seekers recover their self-esteem and we present them with opportunities to meet others.

ZAS forms a united group which participates in local community events and which raises awareness on issues affecting refugees and asylum seekers. We help break down barriers and misconceptions in the local community by running and taking part in local projects alongside other groups.

We meet the welfare needs of members by providing local, grassroots support and by signposting members to other local organisations for assistance and support.

We aim to strengthen the community of refugees and asylum seekers that Leicester hosts.


2 thoughts on “About ZAS

  1. I want to thank every one from the Leicester drop-in for all their participation in the recent events. I would especially want to thank Mrs Hungwe for making it possible for me to attend all those events and for making sure I had a place to sleep, something to eat and to be able to go to all practises for the whole week. Mrs Hungwe gave me house and during my stay at her home I felt at home. For that I salute her and say thank you again.

  2. Zas is doing a great job. You make us feel at home. Thank you for the hot meals you provide for us every fortnight. You make us feel at home…

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